All-In-One Diabetes Management For Employers, Healthcare Programs, & Communities

3Fitt offers a powerful diabetes management system that simplifies tracking and communication while providing personalized support, programming, and motivation.

All-In-One Diabetes Management Solution

Diabetes is a costly disease, with the economic cost rising over $327 billion annually in the United States.  3Fitt’s revolutionary Diabetes Management Program helps employers, healthcare and insurance programs, and communities help participants manage their disease to mitigate complications and support a healthy lifestyle. 3Fitt works directly with participants and healthcare providers by easily tracking essential health metrics while providing personalized support, effective programming, and lasting motivation to manage health and well-being.


Support participants in their diabetic journey by connecting tracking, education, & communication in a single easy-to-use platform. 3Fitt’s diabetes management platform is compatible with most devices, including glucometers, wireless scales, blood pressure cuffs, activity trackers, and more. This means it can help support healthcare initiatives by simplifying tracking in one easy-to-use platform, while offering personalized goals and programming based on the participants’ progress.


Empower participants and their healthcare providers, coaches, and educators with comprehensive tracking and reporting. Educational resources and programs provide extensive information and tools to help participants take control of diabetes to support a healthy lifestyle. With easy-to-use tracking and information, participants and healthcare providers alike will find themselves empowered with the information they need to support real, lasting health and wellness.


Support lasting change with personalized programming, including customized health goals, activities, education, training, and more. The diabetes support programs within 3Fitt were created by industry experts to provide effective, easy-to-implement tools that support long-term change.


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Diabetes Management Features

3Fitt offers an all-in-one diabetes management program offering comprehensive tools and resources for diabetes management and support. With a simple-to-use mobile and desktop dashboard, integration with common diabetes management tools, and personalized programming and resources, participants can confidently take control of their health and well-being.

Platform Integration

Track glucose and other health metrics by connecting glucometers, wireless scales, blood pressure cuffs, activity trackers, and more.

Program Customization

Create customized programming specifically designed to support each individual participant’s goals and diabetic or pre-diabetic needs.

Improve Engagement

Offer incentives and rewards, provide customized training courses and videos, & provide educational materials in an engaging environment.

Community Management

Connect your community with each other for social support and interaction to increase engagement and support long-lasting success.

Comprehensive Reporting

Enjoy comprehensive reporting with high-level and client-specific tracking to view participant data, activities, interactions, and more.

Educational Resources

Support your client’s journey with a vast array of educational and training resources for diabetes as well as overall health and well-being.

Diabetes in the United States

Diabetes is a growing epidemic, with over 11% of the U.S. population having diabetes and 38% of the U.S. adult population having prediabetes. By 2030, health experts expect the prevalence of diabetes to increase by more than 54% to more than 54.9 million Americans.

Diabetes has a high-cost burden not only on the individuals with diabetes and their families, but also on employers and communities supporting those individuals.

Medical Expenditures

  • Regular Expenditures
  • Expenditures for Individuals with Diabetes

People with diabetes have medical expenditures approximately 2.3X higher than those without.


37.3 million people have diabetes (11.3% of the US population). 96 million people aged 18 years or older have prediabetes (38.0% of the adult US population).


  • Pre-Diabetes
  • Diabetes (No Complications)
  • Diabetes (With Complications)

Employers spend on average $5k/year for members with pre-diabetes, $10k/year for members with uncomplicated diabetes, and $30k/year for members with diabetes complications.


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